Monday Munchies: Mason Jar Salads & Veggie Mixes

Aloha Everyone!

Today’s Monday Munchies post is going to be on Mason Jar Salads & Veggie Mixes!


If you’re like me, when it comes to lunch you want something fast and easy. Unfortunately, that usually means we’re trading healthy for fast and easy and then we’re left feeling BLAH by the time two ‘o’ clock rolls around. But let’s face it, a lot of us don’t have time to whip up something while we’re at the office or only have thirty minutes for lunch. Here’s my solution!

They’re quick, easy AND healthy! Not to mention, they’re actually pretty good! 😉


Mason Jars
I ordered a box of 12 Pint size jars on Amazon
Lettuce & Veggies
I buy my veggies from our local farmers market!
They’re fresh and cheap and you’ll notice the difference!
I used the Olive Garden brand, I know it’s not the healthiest but it’s so good!
Nuts or Croutons

photo 2-3

With my salad I chose to go simple, so I just went with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes & Olive Garden dressing. I know it’s not the healthiest dressing but it is my favorite!

photo 3-1

The first thing you’ll want to do is add the dressing.
My mason jars have lines up the side so I just fill them up to first line.
If you don’t have lines on yours make sure you add a little more dressing then you think you’ll need. Even though the jars are small, you would be surprised how much salad they can hold.

photo 4-1photo 5-2

Next you’ll want to add the veggies ONLY! No lettuce yet!
Since I’m only using cucumbers and tomatoes I used a lot of both.
If you’re using more veggies you’ll want to make sure you only fill the jar about 3/4 full.

photo 2-2

Lastly, you will add the lettuce.
It’s very important the lettuce goes on last so that it doesn’t get soggy!


Then when you’re ready to eat you just shake the jar, put it on a plate & enjoy!

The picture above is one I had for dinner.
I put it on a plate, cut the tomatoes & added breaded chicken.
It was delicious!

* * VEGGIE MIX * *

photo 5

I also wanted to show you guys how to make great snacks for you or your kids.
The great thing about this is it’s easy to grab and a lot healthier then a bag of chips!

This also works great with fruit!


Veggies or Fruit
Once again, I get mine from the farmer’s market.
This is optional.
I used ranch for my veggie jar & I don’t usually use anything for a fruit jar.
Some people make the dressing they would use on a fruit salad, but I haven’t tried this.
If you’re looking for something sweet, add some cinnamon & sugar!

You’ll start by adding the dressing just as you did with the salad.

Then add the veggies or fruit in whichever order you choose.

These are great snacks and lets face it, they look pretty too! 😉


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