My Life List

Dream it Do it


  1. Buy/Build Our Dream Home
  2. Own My Dream Car
  3. Adopt a Puppy
  4. Start a Family
  5. Renew Our Wedding Vows on December 21st, 2022


  1. Own Several Successful Businesses
  2. Earn Residual Income
  3. Make Six Figures a Year
  4. Have Financial Freedom
  5. Design a Jewelry Collection
  6. Design a Swimwear Collection
  7. Design a Clothing Line
  8. Open an Etsy Shop
  9. Sell My Handmade Creations
  10. Have a Successful Blog


  1. Travel the United States in an RV
  2. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  3. Attend New York Fashion Week
  4. Tour a Castle
  5. Go on a Safari
  6. Go on a Cruise
  7. Go to Coachella
  8. Go to Disney World
  9. Go to Universal Studios
  10. Go to Halloween Horror Nights
  11. Go Salt River Tubing in Arizona
  12. Spend a week in Sedona, Arizona
  13. Go to the Cique du Soleil Show in Las Vegas
  14. See Britney Spears in Concert in Las Vegas
  15. Put a Lock on the Love Locks Bridge in Paris
  16. Spend a week in Ireland
  17. Spend a week in France
  18. Spend a week in Spain
  19. Spend a week in Italy
  20. Visit the Eiffel Tower
  21. Visit the Colosseum
  22. Rent an RV and Explore New Zealand


  1. Go Ziplining
  2. Go Parasailing
  3. Ride on a Train
  4. Fly on a Private Jet
  5. Master the Scorpion Pose
  6. Start a Vegetable Garden
  7. Make a Fairy Garden
  8. Scuba Dive
  9. Go Paddleboarding
  10. Kayak to the Mokes
  11. Swim with the Dolphins
  12. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay
  13. Go Horseback Riding on the Beach

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